I have been slowly working on a project to create a large scale Slit Scan project.


This is a project that I am fairly passionate about, and luckily I have a friend that reminds me to get up and do something about it. Any great project is a give and take, and luckily I am surrounded by quite a bunch of highly intelligent creative people that help me further my projects and expand them into something simply beautiful.



What is Slit Scan? It is playing with the timing of the video/photo, often done in post production now, but also can be done live. I think anytime you can take a just a normal movement or action and magnify it so it becomes distorted or just bizarre to the viewer, it can show the beauty of regular movements. Playing with time distortion shows just how incredible our normal movements can be!


Below is a sample of what is to come done by my friend Yetkin. Very interesting stuff as he shows! more to come.

Slit scan : A photograph of Time from Yetkin Yilmaz on Vimeo.