Glitch Pong

Made this awhile ago, forgot to post it! Check out a video I made with my dear friend Zebbler. This was done using several shot and in post creating a slitscan effect. This technique (which I personally love) displaces the time which makes the movements all funky. I want to do it again with a higher frame rate so I can get even more control. Next time. Anyways, enjoy!


Glitch Pong from bonk on Vimeo.

Changing formats a bit

So since I created this blog I have only posted about VJ related projects. I have been doing much more as well, and I feel this is a great place to showcase that information as well! You will begin to see trickles of other interests I have, and maybe in the future even a shop with my creations on it.


Current Projects (might flesh some out into full posts later):

-Learning to fly Hexadrone (Aerosky 550 specifically)

-Producer of Project MUM (again) event in Somerville, MA. Due to land in September.

-Creating entire visual mapping electronica band  Vishno Rocks!  

-Working on a slit scan personal project, TBA

-Learning to use plasma cutter at Artisans Asylum

-Growing a garden of cucumbers for pickling. Gotta love pickles.


Copyright Jon Bonk 2016

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