Whorld is a Vj program made by another Bostonite, Chris Korda. It is a great program that uses sacred geometry to create interesting and sometimes amazing organic images on the screen. To top it off, it can be used with USB controllers (suggested) or even Wiimotes if uses the right parameters. I would explain it more, but he pretty much sums it up on his site:

From Whorld.org

“Whorld is a free, open-source visualizer for sacred geometry. It uses math to create a seamless animation of mesmerizing psychedelic images. You can VJ with it, make unique digital artwork with it, or sit back and watch it like a screensaver.

Whorld’s visualization is controlled via parameters which can be adjusted manually, or modulated by oscillators. A given setting of the parameters and their oscillators form a patch. You can use the demo patches, or create your own.

Patches can be grouped together in a playlist. You can play patches manually, or Whorld can auto-play them for you. Whorld also includes a crossfader, which allows you to interpolate between two patches (AKA “tweening”).

Whorld is optimized for VJing. All of its functions are available in full-screen mode, via shortcut keys, mouse or trackball, and MIDI controllers. Whorld can be synchronized to music, using tap tempo, or MIDI clocks.”

…nuff said. I plan on using this more now that I have the ability to use it via my Macbook Pro (through Firewire). I really am looking forward to combine this unique program with Grand VJ and MapMapper sometime soon. Watch out, I think the effects will be Amazing. Videos and Pictures to come.

Projector and equipment rental

I am now providing rentals of VJ equipment for shows and events.

3000 Lumen Projector (2)  –   Brand new, can come with configurable mounts to easy setup.

TripleHead to Go – Provides the ability to extend your screen on 2 or 3 projectors/monitors.  Can use DVI or VGA input/outputs.

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