New Midi Controller time

So I have a few Midi controllers kicking around my studio, and while I like all of them, I never feel like they essential to my Vj rig. The more I think about it, the more I realize I need one that will work well, have all the functionality I need, and be a road ready beast.


So I am taking the plunge and buying an Akai APC40. Many fellow visual artists use it, and it has received many good reviews. Picking it up tonight and using at my residency, Elements.


With the multiple sliders, knobs, and multicolor buttons, I am fairly certain that I will get the functionality I need to rock the screens even more. Look for my video with this new controller making things go out of control!

A few more shows in 2012/Planning for 2013

Last few shows in 2012 coming up:

-This Thursday is 27 Elusid & Corbin at Elements in Cambridge. Check it out at the Elements Site.


-New Years Eve vizualing at Reboot by CEMI in Boston. Should be fun.


2013 provides more opportunities, more events, and more visuals! Starting to take stock at the year and I think it is time to start looking for a touring act again.


I hope your holidays were merry, and I will see you on the other side!

Busy week/month/year!

Many things in the works lately….

Just finished a green screen shoot with the lovely bellydancers Laura Blake and Sadiya Carr. I will have clips up with soon.










Vjing for Klute this Thursday at Elements in Cambridge Ma. I am very excited about this. If you around, please come out!











…and played Boston Decom last weekend, and Glitchgiving the weekend before. This weekend I am playing for Video Bleep, another underground fundraiser show for them to bring thier 360 projection video/music dome to Burningman again.

Very Busy! And between all that content creation. Can’t be happier.

Project MUM was a success!

What a great party that turned out to be! Hundreds showed up and really rocked the house that night. Costumes, stickers, crazy bikes, artwork, and energy was abound! Without a doubt I want to do it again. Really had a fun time heading up the video for this one.

I ended up using a cargo van as a projector mount for one of my dual projector setups. I will admit that the mounts created with the help of directions by VJ Kung Fu really showed their worth this time!

Special thank you goes out to SCUL, the (Djs Cosine Zero, Keith Matter, Fig) and VJ Serialcrusher for the visual reinforcements!

Check out some pictures Here. More to come when I get more pictures lined up.



Project MUM

I am working with a crew for a unique show: Project MUM!


The show is under a State Highway and is free this weekend in Somerville, Ma. I will be setting up a few screens for projections and heading up the Vjs for this one. The theme is Space!


Check is out here:


What a busy summer…

The summer has just flown by with all sorts of new events and opportunities.

-Burningman was amazing, pics up soon. I went as an Anime Character!

I ended up stabbing myself in the knee right when I got there, so I was much less mobile when I was there then I usually am, but still had an amazing time. What a great event.


-I went to Amon Tobin ISAM last night and got to meet both Amon himself, but also the Tour manager Tiago, who also helps organize BOOM in Portugal. What a great night, and Amon played an even better set at the afterparty! Check out Amon Tobin here:

Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live (Extended Trailer) from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.



It’s been busy!

I have been VERY busy lately.


-Threw my regional Burningman Event, Firefly 

-Played 2 dates of the Identity Festival   (Boston and New York) Got great video from both, here is a quick video of playing with Nosia:


-Setting up to projection map and entire Expo center for a 2500 person Rave (see previous post for info)

-Then the next day, loading all my gear on the Boston container truck for Burningman!

-Oh, and about to move to a new website format too.


Lots happening, so I will get this updated where I can! Cannot wait for the next revision of the site either. Things are going up, much more to come.

Projection mapping an entire Expo center

My latest project will be video mapping an entire expo center for a rave outside Boston. The walls, pillars, and DJ stage (which will be a custom made and video shaped creation) will be all mapped to look like you under the sea! This is a big project and I could not be more excited.

More info to come as the date rolls closer.

Check out the event page:

I will be Vjing down in NYC

Looking forward to this! Back to back parties I have been invited to perform at.


Tsunami Bass Experience Presents: Epicenter  (6/8  10pm-4am)

Kick off the Figment 2012 weekend with a righteous and fertile wellspring of bassquakin’ as the Tsunami Bass Experience presents the Ambassador of Dubstep himself, the one & only ~ JOE NICE~ commanding the decks at the debut of TBE’s new event ~EPICENTER: Session One~.

Join us as we bring the bass as we are want to do with all the attention and care for delivering proper sounding “Big Belly Bass”! In addition to the amazing Joe Nice, TBE is also featuring west coast bass masters Da Moth and Selector Science, together with local bass masters True Nature and a dose of live fusion provided by Morphous & ShiZaru. Enjoy this night devoted to the deeper delving into of bass culture, in fine TBE style at a new secret Brooklyn location.

RSVP at event page:



TBE presents: Fertile Waves (6/9 8pm-4am)

As the ferries whisk you away from Governor’s Island on Sat and you begin to thirst for more of the freeBASSin’ experienced throughout the day at TBE’s Wobble the ~WaVe~ installation at Figment NYC 2012 (, or even ifyou find you just want to spend more quality time in the company of like-minded individuals, simply bop on over to the Delancey and join us for a oh so fertile wobble booty jam slam featuring some of the finest Burning Man DJs to have ever graced the TBE ~WaVe~!

& best of all, simply by showing up and having a good time with like minded peeps, you too can support the Tsunami Bass Experience ~WaVe~ installation and the artists that command her. We are asking for a minimum suggested/APPRECIATED donation of $5 before 11pm, $10 after. ALL proceeds from the evening will be split %50~%50 between DJs and the ~WaVe~ (to cover FIGMENT costs), so you know this is for a good cause. Support & be supported by the ~WaVe~ and we can continue to provide the finest in bass culture appreciation and freeBASSin’ events for all.

Our super duper line-up includes burner DJs who have come from left coast to right coast, far and wide, willingly donating, no GIFTING their art and talent for Figment NYC at their own expense!!! SHOCK!! But we can make it worth their while and have a blast doing so…so pls. pls. do come out, have a drinkipoo or two and lounge with us…speakeasy or difficult if you will but do enjoy the vibe and edutainment!! ~ But most of all come to appreciate the fine music that these bass magic masters work hard year round to produce and refine for our collective appreciation.

All DJs showcased on this line-up are either faculty of the 2011 BRC CAMPus of the TBE Multiversity of Bass Culture Appreciation or have been recently certified & approved ~WaVe~ worthy!! You know its gonna be a wobblebooty jam slam so come ready to get sweaty!!

Come out if you live in/near Cali

Fairly excited about this now. I am headlining (as you can see) the visuals for the Psy Stage, and I am prepared to bring it out. Yosemite has seen nothing like what I am about to do to it. I have incredible new visuals and Whorld is in full action now with my dual setup. This will not be something to miss!


Cali, here I come. Be prepared!

Copyright Jon Bonk 2016

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