Om Unit at Elements



The timing couldn’t be better for a visit from the mighty Om Unit, who has taken dnb in an exciting direction this year! Among his astounding output are tunes featured on the long-awaited Metalheadz Platinum Breaks 4 LP which, according to rumors, is maybe hopefully about to drop any week now. Fasten your seatbelts! This night is going to be no joke! Opening set by Lenore.


This should be a great set, I am very excited to be playing for him!

AK 1200 this week!

The Legend himself is back at Elements!

It’s been a minute since AK1200 slayed Elements with one of his incomparable journey sets. Get excited!!
Opening set by Fox. Cover $10

I will be on the visuals with some all new material. This is not a night to be missed.

Performing in NYC for RobotHeart 10/25-10/26



I am very excited to announce I will be heading down to NYCthis coming weekend to perform at a RobotHeart party.For those that do not know this legendary group, they throw massive Burningman parties from their bus. I was actually asked this year to come perform for them at Burningman, but the timing just did not work out. But luckily they reside mostly in NYC, and are throwing one closer to home.


The projection screens alone will be massive, and there is at least 5 Vjs all performing at once in the various rooms. I would highly suggest coming to check this out! Check out the event details here. Its a huge 5000+ person party and goes on for 2 full days! Let me know if you am coming down so we can meet up, the more friends, the better!


Cyantific this Thursday, Elements

This Thursday at Elements is Cyantific, and I have some sick new stuff to throw on the screens!

Cyantific is not only a beast in the studio, with an ever-growing arsenal of chart toppers on Hospital, Ram, and his own Cyantific imprint, but the man puts it down behind the decks too! No one was surprised when he was crowned “Best Breakthrough DJ” by BBC 1Xtra in ’07. Don’t miss out on the fun! Opening set by Fox. Visuals by me.

Cover $10

Facebook Event

Cyantific on Wikipedia
Cyantific on Soundcloud
Cyantific on Facebook
Cyantific on the Hospital Records Website
Cyantific’s website

Project MUM time lapse 2013 from bonk on Vimeo.

I finally compiled the time lapse of the entire day and night of Project MUM. We spent from 9am (some of us were there at 7am!) till 9pm setting up the various projects, art pieces, and configurations for the show. It was exhausting but very much worth it in the end! The party turned out amazing.

…I ended up doing a bit too much this time around. I set up a installation project, I vj’d, I was media contact during the event for complaints, and also somehow attended and was host as well. At one point I had to VJ, as well as run to my installation which had crashed every 15 minutes, and it was on the other side of the party! I was dead tired after that, and I realized next time I need an assistant or to do less work.

One of my pet projects I did is above, and I was fairly happy with the outcome of it! It makes me want to buy a few more to have next time around (if you pay attention, you can see not only me fiddling with it but also that I moved the camera a few times)! Down the go pro rabbit hole I go…

The only thing that as unfortunate was that my project I was working on with my friend Yetkin only worked for about an hour ( I mentioned this in a post below). The computer totally crashed and I just did not have the time to reset it. Luckily it reset to the default background… of SPACE! Worked perfectly for the time, though it did require me giving it some continual TLC to keep it working.

Anyways, enjoy the time lapse (and the drone video below as well!). Community based art events are the best!


Vishno Ball tomorrow night NYC


Logo in full

Tomorrow I will be performing with Vishno in New York City at the Sullivan Hall. I am working with them to automate their visual setup, and so far it has been a learning experience.

Deets on the show:

SPACE JESUS- The EDM mind melting experience

VISHNO- New Electronic Pop Artist From Boston!

ATROPOLIS – Music Urbanization straight from Brooklyn

(and me of course)


OCT 3rd
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan St, New York NY
Tickets $15

Open bar between 9:30-10:30pm.

See you there!

Project MUM was a great success!

We really had a great time this year, and over 500 people came to dance the night away with us.

The Djs were amazing, my slit scan project worked out really well until the computer got buggy and then only the default background was playing….which happened to be a picture of space! Perfect addition to the night either way.


Check out some of the video my buddy over at did for us, both him and our friend Aurelio were flying around all night with their drones, surprising the dancers, delighting everyone and getting video of the night. Video Blog: Project MUM – Boston MA from VJ Adrenochrome on Vimeo.

Visualizing for Andy C this Thursday!

andy c





I am really excited about this! Andy C wanted to play none other than Elements and we could not be happier to have him!

Elements proudly presents the highly-anticipated debut appearance of Andy C!

Joining him on the mic will be the incredible MC Armanni Reign! Also… opening set by our long lost DJCrook.


Visuals by me, cover $20, and please be aware that this is a 21+ show. Get excited!

Project MUM: This weekend!

It has come around again for the time of year for Project MUM! This is a very exciting event in Somerville, and one of my local favorites.

I am one mumbotof the organizers (as like last year), and we have a good amount of fun in store for everyone! This years event is over 400 people coming and will be even bigger and badder! I will be VJing, as well as introducing the world to the Slit Scan project my friend Yetkin and I have been talking about. We have been even featured in Dig Boston!


If you are in Boston, please check us out Saturday night (14th), 8-midnight-ish. This is not to be missed!

Check out the facebook event page here

Slit Scan


I have been slowly working on a project to create a large scale Slit Scan project.


This is a project that I am fairly passionate about, and luckily I have a friend that reminds me to get up and do something about it. Any great project is a give and take, and luckily I am surrounded by quite a bunch of highly intelligent creative people that help me further my projects and expand them into something simply beautiful.



What is Slit Scan? It is playing with the timing of the video/photo, often done in post production now, but also can be done live. I think anytime you can take a just a normal movement or action and magnify it so it becomes distorted or just bizarre to the viewer, it can show the beauty of regular movements. Playing with time distortion shows just how incredible our normal movements can be!


Below is a sample of what is to come done by my friend Yetkin. Very interesting stuff as he shows! more to come.

Slit scan : A photograph of Time from Yetkin Yilmaz on Vimeo.

VJ University World Tour

A VJ collective from Brazil is touring the world and bringing essential classes to everyone!







The VJ University provides hands-on training in Projection Mapping, as well as Full Dome covering professional workflows and production techniques. The master classes will be featured in five cities, between October and November 2013: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow and Berlin. Digital artists and Full Dome enthusiast must hurry, there will only be 12 seats for the Master Class in each city.

12-13 Oct – San Fransisco
19-20 Oct – Los Angeles

26-27 Oct – Montreal Canada

5-6 Nov – Moscow Russia

11-12 Nov – Berlin Germany


If you are around one of these areas, I would highly suggest getting in touch! Check out their website:


Changing formats a bit

So since I created this blog I have only posted about VJ related projects. I have been doing much more as well, and I feel this is a great place to showcase that information as well! You will begin to see trickles of other interests I have, and maybe in the future even a shop with my creations on it.


Current Projects (might flesh some out into full posts later):

-Learning to fly Hexadrone (Aerosky 550 specifically)

-Producer of Project MUM (again) event in Somerville, MA. Due to land in September.

-Creating entire visual mapping electronica band  Vishno Rocks!  

-Working on a slit scan personal project, TBA

-Learning to use plasma cutter at Artisans Asylum

-Growing a garden of cucumbers for pickling. Gotta love pickles.


New demo up from live show

I did a show a few weeks back with Phutureprimitive in Ft. Collins, CO. Luckily I have a few friends there, and it was nice to meetup with them again. Ft. Collins is a great little city near Boulder right next to the Rocky Mountains. The air is really clear up there! The show went off great and I was happy to see so many people I knew.

Check out some of the video below, it is also in the demos section of the site.

Firefly Festival is up and running!

As of now I am helping run the Firefly Art Festival in Vermont, and quite busy! The event is over 800 people now and entirely run by the participants, which is a huge undertaking to say the least. Some really good camps this year, I will be Vjing at Video Bleep tonight, which should be really fun.  They have a giant video dome that projects 360 degrees around and great djs to boot. Also in attendance is Sonic Beating, who is throwing a massive sound camp called Diode.


This year marks the 5th year I have helped produce this event on the Board of Directors, and I am fairly emotional as to how far we have come with it. If you are in the New England area, it is a must go to! When I finally get out of here and surface on the other side, I will start giving some teasers for my next big project, it’s a big one!



CULTURE SHOCK at Elements 6/20

Tomorrow will be a big treat, performing with Culture Shock!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The mastermind Culture Shock finally makes his long-awaited first appearance in Boston! Needless to say, this night will go down in history. Opening set by Fox. Cover $10. See you there!

Culture Shock on Soundcloud
Culture Shock on Facebook
Culture Shock on the RAM Records website

Residents: Crook, Lenore & Fox
Visuals by VJ Bonk

culture shock

Performing at PhuZion, Ft Collins CO 6/8

This is the Sonic Bloom Pre Party, and I will be performing exclusively with PhuturePrimitive, which I am very excited about!

Ft Collins is a great place and I am happy to be back there, come see me and Phuture blast you with a multisensory adventure! We got some big projections, and big sound lined up for this night, should be a blast.



Saturday, June 8, 2013, 8:00 PM

The Northern Colorado Sonic Bloom PreParty
Aggie Theatre
Doors: 8 PM





Elements and Together present: Wilkinson this Thursday!

Very excited to Vj alongside the only Wilkinson!

Wilkinson continues to stun us with his unfaltering ability to churn out mind-blowing dancefloor smashers. Last month’s “Take You Higher” is easily track of the year. With exceptional dj skills to match his supreme proficiency in the studio, look out, cos this Ram crew member is going to TEAR IT DOWN! Opening set by Fox. Visuals by myself. Cover $10



Together VJ competition is tonight!

Well, tonight is the night it seems. The Vjs are primed, the Djs are ready, we have 1 crazy MC, and a whole lot of pixels and prizes to throw around.  This event will be amazing and we shall see who can slug it out the best! But either way, this event really is to showcase the VJ culture, so everyone wins in that way. If this goes off well, who knows maybe we will have it be an annual thing.


Of course, come by and check us out. It will be a pretty amazing time.

Naga nightclub, Central Sq Cambridge.

Music starts at 7pm, competition at 8pm. See you there!

VJ comp

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