monster garden daily from bonk on Vimeo.

I am getting back into the habit of creating something, anything that is a piece of art each and every day. To dedicate the time to a creative passion and put practice into my art is the reason, and will not only provide me with new artwork, but also new ways to create art. All in all, a small daily art piece only will help improve my skills and get my creative juices flowing. Now, instead of just sitting down and neflixing out for the rest of the night, at least there will be time set aside to the abstract, the creative, what my passions and muses are at that moment. I find having a muse very important, and when I do not have one, its a struggle to figure out where to start. I get caught up in the sheer infinity of the many ways I can create, and the paths that each of those ways goes. It’s like standing in front of a giant store that has everything you need and not knowing where to go, and trying to get everywhere!


Anyways, I am doing my dailies again. I took this picture of a hot summer night in my garden and some EL wire. Now I turned it into a small Parallax video, and I am pretty impressed myself. It was my first time doing it and I think (now that I know how to do it) will expand upon it. Enjoy the monster garden.